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Domestic Violence, Abuse and Sexual Assault Should Never Happen

The reality, however, is that one in four women experience domestic violence or sexual assault in their lives. The consequences of such violence and assault extend to their children as well.

Serving Rogers and Mayes Counties

Safenet Services helps families in both Rogers and Mayes Counties cope, find safehaven, face the challenges, bolster their strengths, learn new skills, achieve their goals, heal, thrive, and break the cycle of violence in their lives to build a secure, stable life for themselves and their children.

With the aid of friends and donors, our support network can help coordinate shelter, counseling, victim advocacy, legal help, parenting education, protective orders, housing, employment, and more. Since 1991, Safenet Services has provided shelter and safety for more than 2500 abused women and their children.

An act of domestic violence occurs every nine seconds. Help us Break the cycle.

Are you in a violent or abusive situation?

Safenet Services has the tools to help you break free from domestic violence. We know you are not just a statistic, you have a very unique situation and you need a solution that will work for your circumstances. We acknowledge the courage it takes to move from a violent situation into change and action.

Safenet Services can help you,

My life changed forever when my mother was murdered by her husband. The compassion and support Safenet gave my family throughout the trial was an inspiration.

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