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About Safenet Services



We have helped more than 3,000abused women and their children change their circumstances and their lives since we opened our doors in 1991. Within our safe walls we foster dreams, create hope and build opportunities.

Our Mission

Creating a healthy, support environment for women and families healing from the consequences of domestic violence and sexual assault.

2015 Statistics:

  • Our shelter provided 10,017 nights of safety to 96 families.
  • We turned away 350 women and children due to lack of shelter space.
  • We answered 4,272 calls to our Crisis Line.
  • We offered counseling and/or advocacy services to 2,370 clients.
  • We helped file 720 protective orders.
  • 74 people participated in our Batterers Program.
  • We provided Supervised Visitation services for 355 visits.
  • We provided more than 3,791 miles of transportation for victims of domestic violence.

I have returned to college to finish my education. I’m getting my self-confidence back after learning what a healthy relationship looks like.

Today, I’m an overcomer.

Before, I drifted aimlessly. Now there is a purpose in my life.

Safenet has shown me that women can be strong, spiritual, practical, determined, beautiful and successful.

I’ve learned to keep my eyes above my circumstances and press on toward my goals.

– Real Quotes from Safenet Clients

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