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Safenet Circle



Creating Possibilities Together


Our needs include:

  • Expanded staff
  • Expansion of Services

Circle Purposes

  • Builds capacity for meeting community needs
  • Is guided by a well-run, efficient agency with a track record of
    • Consistent, clean audits
    • Operating in the black each year
    • Being a 501 (c)3 nonprofit in good standing
    • Strong history of effective service to women and children


We Need YouDonate to Safenet Services

With your partnership, we can meet the needs of women and children in our community.

Safenet has built a combination 35-bed domestic abuse shelter and program service center in Claremore. The new facility has extensive security to assure the safety of victims (adults and children) and staff/services to give them their best chance at an independent, productive future.

Please help to make sure we can provide services to all those who are in need.


Phase 1 Project Needs:

  • S.A.N.E. Program
  • Play Therapist
  • Additional Advocates


Safenet Board of Directors:

David Chaussard, Chair

Rosalie Griffith, Vice Chair

Dianna McGuire, Secretary

Kathy Geyer, Rec. Secretary

Amy Neely, Treasurer

Robin Brown

Vicky Condray

Brandi L. Doty

Kay Ingersoll

Tad Jones

Katy Launius

Rose Ann McCaw Ransom

Deanna Parsons-Sharp

Dr. Larry Riley

Tracy Row

Peggy Trease


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