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Services Offered by Safenet



Icon of phone representing domestic violence help hotline

Crisis Line

Safenet’s Crisis Line is a 24-hour hotline where victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Rogers and Mayes Counties can find immediate help.

Icon of house representing domestic violence shelter for women and families

Domestic Abuse Shelter

Safenet’s shelter provides a homelike atmosphere for women and children. Victim Service Providers within the shelter promote independent living skills, positive parenting techniques, goal setting and harmony.

At minimum, a 30-day stay is offered to victims of domestic violence. Clear, attainable goals are set for each individual and then support is provided to help insure success in meeting those goals. We work with the victim to build the skills and confidence needed to create a new, secure lifestyle.

icon representing protective orders

Protective Order Office

Safenet provides domestic abuse victims with trained court advocates who assist with the filing of paperwork and prepare for court hearings. We strive to make it easier for victims to obtain any available legal protection.

Two locations are available for victims:

  • Rogers County Advocate: 918-923-4962
  • Mayes County Advocate: 918-825-0190
icon representing counseling and support for victims


Safenet has two licensed therapists available to help victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Our counselors help rebuild broken trust and foster self-esteem through individual, family and group counseling.

How does counseling help?

  • Identify negative thought patterns that contribute to feelings of worthlessness, and to develop a more positive outlook.
  • Explore behaviors that create or maintain problems.
  • Regain a sense of control.
  • Learn ways to encourage support from family and friends.
  • Discover personal strengths and how to use those strengths to grow stronger in other areas.
icon representing victim and court legal advocacy services

Victim & Court Advocacy Program

Safenet’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim and Court Advocacy Program provides emotional support, helps locate and identify resources, assists with referrals and provides or locates transportation services.

Additionally, Safenet has specially trained advocates for victims of sexual assault who assist at hospital and legal proceedings. Call our crisis line at: 918-341-9400 or 888-372-9400.

icon for parenting education

Parenting Education

Good, effective parenting is a learned skill. Safenet works with families in Claremore, Pryor and the surrounding areas to identify problems with parenting techniques and to teach skills that enhance parent-child relationships.

Good parenting in a safe environment is the greatest gift a parent can give a child.

icon for the supervised visitation program service

Supervised Visitation Program

Safenet offers a fee-based program that assures the safety and well-being of children when dealing with court-ordered visitations and custody exchanges.

Discord between a child’s custodians can have a harmful effect on the welfare of the child. We offer supervised exchanges of children to help limit the stress and arguments between parties.

Courts often order supervised visitation for non-custodial parents. Safenet offers an on-site visitation program to insure the safety of the child. Go to new shelter progress tab to see pictures of supervised visit rooms.

icon for batterer recovery program - changes program


The CHANGES program is a 52 week, fee-based program that focuses on changing the behavior of the perpetrator of domestic abuse. Lead by a Licensed Professional Counselor, CHANGES  is a State Certified Batterers Intervention Program.

The CHANGES program challenges the destructive beliefs and encourages emotional recovery for the abuser. Often times, women repeatedly seek shelter from the same offender. Although we help the victim with counseling, and other resources, we didn't have a program for the batterer. The CHANGES Program educates the batterer on nondestructive ways of communicating, benefiting all parties involved.

We are learning how to better treat our families and to be the men we were meant to be and take responsibility for our actions.

– A C.H.A.N.G.E.S. Participant

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