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Our 23rd Annual Garden Tour is set for Saturday, June 2nd from 9am-3pm. The Tour is a relaxing, self-guided tour of four gardens with the Master Gardeners of Rogers County at each location to answer any questions. Tickets are $10 and are available in advance at Pixley Lumber Carpet Department or the Safenet office. You may also purchase tickets the day of the event at any Garden Tour location.

The St. Paul’s Episcopal Church luncheon is back, too, from 11am-2pm. All proceeds benefit Safenet and you do not have to be on the Garden Tour to attend; you can just stop by for lunch!

Some of the garden locations will include booths with items from Safenet’s resale shop, Second Impressions. We plan for weeks in advance, saving a selection of donated items, and bring them to one of the garden locations. We choose things we think people who attend the Garden Tour will like.

The homes on the tour are: Steve & Debbie Hendrix, 3201 Callaway Drive;  Harry & Melinda Troyer, 21125 E 480 Rd 74019; Jeff & Beth Clagg, 24944 S 4098 Rd; with the Master Gardeners’ Teaching Garden, Will Rogers Park.

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