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We remain grateful for all the gifts of expertise, time and dollars that Safenet clients receive from our supporters.

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How to Give and Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Generosity is a wonderful characteristic of our community. We remain grateful for all the support and donations of time, resources, and dollars from our friends in Rogers and Mayes Counties. And, we rely on that help to continue our mission to end domestic violence for the women and children in Oklahoma.

We all recognize that the need is great. One in four women are victims of domestic violence. With such a startling statistic, that means someone you know personally has been affected or been a victim of domestic violence. You make the difference changing lives through your support.


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"Safenet has shown me that women can be strong, spiritual, practical, determined, beautiful and successful"

"I have returned to college to finish my education. I’m getting my self-confidence back after learning what a healthy relationship looks like."

"Today, I’m an overcomer."

"Before, I drifted aimlessly. Now there is a purpose in my life."

"Safenet has shown me that women can be strong, spiritual, practical, determined, beautiful and successful."

"I’ve learned to keep my eyes above my circumstances and press on toward my goals."

– Real quotes from Safenet Clients

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